Speed Detox your wardrobe 2

Detox your wardrobe and wear clothes you love

how to speed detox your wardrobe day 2

We all want a beautiful organised wardrobe full of clothes we love and want to wear.

The reality often is not like that.

We go to our wardrobes and are filled with overwhelm.  We pull out clothes we love, but don’t fit into anymore and feel frustration.  We look at the expensive jacket we bought on a whim and have barely worn.  We feel anxious that we spent so much money unwisely.

An end to wardrobe shame

But it doesn’t have to end there.  Wardrobe shame is not forever.  You don’t have to live with wardrobe shame for a day longer.  It is really easy to move from feeling dreadful each time your open the door and peer in, to feeling in control, relaxed and happy each time you look at your clothes.

At Working Frocks we love to help you manage your wardrobe on a day to day basis.  Join our list now and receive wardrobe wisdom in the form of easily actionable advice.  It’s like having a personal stylist at the end of the phone.  Join us here:

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If you haven’t read the previous article on speed detoxing, it is here.  We talk about how to cut overwhelm.  Essential help to clear out your closet

Today we are talking about being the star of your own wardrobe and creating your ideal wardrobe and we are going to do it in an hour.

So, buckle up ladies, and let’s get you out of despair, into joy in one hour.

Be the star of your wardrobe

Here at Working Frocks we want you to be the star of your own wardrobe.

You may ask yourself, “What does that even look like”, or “What on earth does she mean?”

What I mean is this.  At Working Frocks we believe that clothes are a beautiful form of self expression and that our bodies and minds need to have a close and intimate relationship with the clothes that we wear.

When you, or I, get dressed in the morning it should be as a loving form of self expression.  We should be kind to ourself.  But so often we are not kind to ourself.

We beat ourselves up.

About clothes not fitting

About putting on weight.

About not wearing the rights “size”.

We wear clothes we don’t like.

Or don’t even realise that we don’t like.

Be the star of your wardrobe

When we have thoughts of low esteem like the ones listed above, we skulk around our wardrobe.  We don’t dress as well as we could and look as great as we could.  We feel that we are undeserving.  We feel that there is something about us that is deserving of not looking and feeling really great.

The good news is that you are deserving of looking and feeling amazing.

Looking and feeling exactly as you have been created to be.

How women look and feel amazing will be different, one woman to another.

This form of self expression is unique to each of us.  No woman’s self expression is identical to another woman’s.

Being the star of your wardrobe is a great thing!

Making you the star of your own wardrobe is not to thrust you into the limelight, for you to stand there uncomfortably in the spotlight.

Rather, being the star of your own wardrobe is about you stopping:

putting yourself down;

thinking that you don’t matter;

thinking that somehow you don’t deserve to wear nice clothes:

accepting that life can be great for everyone else but won’t be great for you.

At Working Frocks we are all about women rising up and being the fullness of what you are created to be.

Join our list today.  For us at Working Frocks, it’s all about how we can help you look and feel amazing every day.  It’s about giving you a helping hand when you need it.

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I know how it feels

I know this from personal experience.  I have spent too many years not feeling I looked good enough, suffering from low self esteem, low self confidence.  I have a very curvy figure, even more so when I was in my teens and twenties.  There weren’t the variety of jeans style that there are today.  I found it impossible to find a pair of jeans that suited me and I could wear.  Because I couldn’t join in with that young 20s vibe of jeans-wearing I felt it separated me out from my peers.  I couldn’t understand why I had this body that wouldn’t conform to standard clothes sizes, or allow me to fit in with my social group – as I saw it.

Maybe you understand that too?

Get the right energy flow

Not fitting into my jeans was a major factor in leading me to sew my own clothes and then create my own clothes design businesses.  What I learned was how beautiful it is to have something made for you, that fits you.  Uniquely you.  To have clothes that fit us is the right energy flow direction.  Clothes should conform to us.  When the energy flow goes in the reverse direction (ie from us to the clothes) we invite trouble.  Examples of this reverse direction are:

  1. Keeping clothes that no longer fit.
    Why do we do this?!  Why beat ourselves up keeping clothes that no longer fit us?  Wear something else that fits you, that you love and that suits your life as it is right now.
    You don’t have an obligation to conform to that clothing size.
    Clothes should fit you.  Don’t beat yourself up trying to fit them.
  2. Clothes that partly or sort of fit you.
    Does it fit on your hips, but no on your waist?  Does it fit on your waist but not on your bust?  Then you are conforming to the clothes, the energy flow is wrong.
  3. The wrong colour.
    Don’t wear the wrong colours for you.  Life is too short.  Wear the colours that light you up.

These are examples of small steps that you take to become the star of your own wardrobe.  It’s a great exercise to do in spare time you may have (especially during the time of the virus).

Your unique style – How to decide what’s right for you

We recently conducted a small poll amongst Working Frocks followers to ask them what their biggest concerns are about getting dressed each day and the clothes they wear.

One area that appeared repeatedly was the idea of unique personal style.  Some women felt that they struggled to maintain that personal style and remember who they are, as they navigate and cope with family life and/or busy careers.  Either lack of time or lack of thinking space stops them from having that vital breathing space.

Establish your unique style

Establishing your unique style doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process, but you need the time to think and to take action.

Think about what your style looks like now: what you like; what you don’t.

Think about how you want to dress. What would you like to wear?

Write down both sides:

what you dislike about where you are now;

what attracts you about where you would like to goWF sign up to list form

Ask yourself:
what you need to stop wearing
what you need to start wearing
what habits you need to stop
what habits you need to start.

When you start with what you want, it becomes easier to discard anything that doesn’t contribute to the life you want to lead.

It’s an easy exercise to do.


Have a great day,


ps the third blog in this series can be found here.  How to maintain wardrobe health – Speed detox 3



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