5 ways to wear a black top in summer

5 ways to wear a black top this summer

There’s a thrill that comes with the seasons changing and being able to wear a completely new set of clothes.  But often women need clothes that will straddle the seasons.  Multi-wear, or flexi-wear, clothing is on the rise: clothes that cross-seasons, events, and styles.  We are right behind this at Working Frocks.  We believe your clothes need to go to work and earn their place in your wardrobes.  Our draped black top will easily earn its place in no time.  Here are five ways you can wear our black draped top in summer.

Black draped top and black wide leg linen trousers

Although we love colour at Working Frocks, we acknowledge that may women feel safest in black.  We also know that you also feel stylish and confident in black.  So, our first option is guarantee to be a crowd pleaser.  Team your black draped top with a pair of black linen trousers.  We love the wide legged look. For an additional styling tip, wear bold jewellery: pile on the chunky bangles; wear a bold necklace.

Black draped top and white skirt

The classic black and white ensemble.  You’re always going to look smart in black and white.  Choose your accessories carefully to change the “mood” of your outfit.  Sleek slingbacks will give you a very sophisticated look, wedge sandals will lighten the tone.  Team your outfit with a jacket and you’ll look supremely smart.  Team it with a cardigan and you’re ready for a garden party.

Black top black trousers - 5 ways to wear a black top in summer

Black draped top and jeans

Channel your inner French chic and pair your black draped top with a pair of jeans.  We favour a darker blue denim, but whatever the colour make sure the jeans fit well.  You want to contrast the soft draping of the top with the fit of the jeans.  Wear trainers for a casual feel, strappy sandals for a summer in the city vibe and trainers for the ultimate casual chic look.

Black draped top and the metallics

Metallic colours, particularly in silk, look great in the summer.  For true summer into autumn sophistication go mental for metal!  Our bronze silk skirt os the perfect case in point.  Team your black top with the skirt now for a look that is modern and comfortable at the same time.  Metals and black will take you from am to pm.  Working Frocks knows the metallic colours: silver; gold; bronze; copper are all seriously under-rated.  They are amazing base colours; they cross seasons; they suit all skin tones; they are easy to wear and they look brilliant.  We are sold on this look and think you will be too.

So there you have it. 5 ways to wear a black top in the summer.  Which do you already wear and which are you going to try?  Let me know!


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