2 strategies to nail home/work style: which is yours.

2 strategies to nail home/work style: which is yours?

In the last blog post on Home/work balance I mentioned two strategies that will help you decide how to balance your wardrobe.  With the rise in working from home, and the hybrid work solution towards which many businesses are moving, our lives need to adjust as well, especially in the area of what you wear and why you wear it.

This is why Working Frocks has created two strategies for you to use in your life when you are considering what to wear and when to wear it.  It is entirely up to you to choose which one of the two best suits your lifestyle and we have some tips below as to how to implement the strategies to make them work really well in your life.

Remember, the ultimate aim of the strategies is to make your life run more smoothly and to help you look and feel your best each and every day. We are here to help you create a balanced and beautiful life for yourself.

To recap the two clothing strategies are:

The all in, and the integral two pocket

The All in

You are in this category if you wear the same set of clothes every day, all the time.  You do not have to dress in a particular way, either for your work or for your life outside of work.


The main upside of this category is that you get to be yourself all day, every day.  You have the gift of self-epxression in your work.  You can plan what you wear each day with complete freedom in your choice of outfit.

Have complete freedom means that you can explore your style and be adventurous with your clothing.  You can create a complete wardrobe for yourself that is entirely unique and unlike anyone else’s wardrobe.  You have the joy of self-expression each and every day.


The downside of the all-in category is that you need to be aware of what you are wearing and make sure that it is in line with your values.

Another challenge is that once you start to not make an effort in what you wear then this will translate into the whole of your life.  At this point you could feel sub-par most of the time and not look your best any of the time.

The integrated two pocket

You are in this group if you wear different clothes to work than you wear at home.  For example if you are a solicitor/lawyer and appear in court and wear a dark suit.  You probably won’t wear that suit at the weekend, you’ll be wearing something else.  Similarly if you work outside, as a farmer or gardener or with animals for example, you will be wearing outdoorsy type hard wearing clothing that you probably won’t wear when you are not working.


The danger with this category is not managing your out of work clothes well enough.  It gets to the weekend and you throw on jeans and a jumper.  You are so grateful not to be in your weekly workwear.  However you are not addressing what you would really like to be wearing.

It could be that you don’t know what you would like to wear at the weekend.  You look around you and see other women looking amazing andwonder how they do it.  If you have a busy work life and are working full time plus running a home then this aspect of self care and self grooming are often quite low on your list of priorities.


Watchout 2

Falling into the trap during the week of wearing boring clothes that you don’t love simply because you need to wear a “uniform”.  Even if you wear a dark suit and white shirt to work each day, you can wear a great suit and a beautiful shirt.  It’s very easy for repition to lead to boredom.


An upside to the two pocket approach is that you have a ready made framework on which to build your wardrobe. You just need to make sure you are managing both aspects and not resorting to routine to the extent that you end up wearing clothes that you actually find quite boring.  If you find your clothes boring, you will feel bored.  You can re-energise easily by wearing clothes that instil excitement and enjoyment.


We have everything that you need to take care of yourself and help you look and feel your best in our membership group, ReDRESS.  ReDRESS is for busy working women, like yourself.  It’s a place where you can come and transform your personal style, reconnect with who you are and live this out successfully in your life.

Check out the reDRESS about page for more information and to join!

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