10 Clothing Challenges while you are spending more time at home

10 mini styling challenges - image of shop mannequins with red lipstick
10 mini styling challenges – image of shop mannequins with red lipstick

Warning, you may find this post requires you to take action, but I challenge you to give it a go!

Time at Home

My thoughts at this time are very much around the global pandemic.  I am very happy spending time at home.  I work from home, mostly.  So I am used to being here.  And I am very happy with, and enjoy being in, my creativity.  So, mostly I am ok.  I have had a few low moments, when I have wondered how our current life situation will be resolved, but mostly the Coronacoaster has been kind to me.

However, I have noticed my energy levels going up and down more than normal.  I am intentionally eating well and trying not to resort to rubbish food to give me an energy surge to better get through my day while I am at home.  I’ve reduced the amount of alcohol I am drinking too.  I really proud of that.  I want to be able to focus on being in the moment, and to be able to be fully aware of my experience.  That has been a great thing.

Why I’m struggling with what to wear at home

But one area, surprisingly, that I have had more difficulty with is in what to wear each day while I am at home.  Isn’t that crazy?!

One reason why I may be struggling with what to wear is because my normal routine has been taken away, as yours might have been too.  Even though I am happy at home my routine has changed.  My clothes wearing was very tied to my routine.  And now since my routine has changed, my clothes habits and practices are slightly out of sync.

I have put my exercise kit on in the morning and realise that I’m still wearing it in the afternoon.  I feel like I don’t have quite the right clothes for all this time at home.  I actually want to wear more creative, interesting clothes than I have been used to wearing for work when I am out of the house.  I also would like to wear more colourful clothes.  That might partly be due to the change in season.  However, I also believe it is due to my body seeking joy, even in times where we are charting unknown territory.

10 mini styling challenges while we are working from home, image of a mother and baby at the laptop

Finding practices and habits that serve us in our time at home

In these times of upheaval, in fact in any time of upheaval, we  need to find practices and habits that serve us.  No matter how small.  Sometimes these practices are helpful, and sometimes less helpful.  Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves into these new practices and habits.  We might initially resist.

This is where I find myself now.  Am I willing to challenge myself in order to accommodate myself well to my environment and situation?  Or, will I just let this time go?  To not be bothered, to not do my hair, or take care in what I wear.  I mean, we’re all spending our time, at home aren’t we?  Who will know, or care, if I just let go?

I have to admit I find the though of that rather enticing.  But at the same time I feel that it will be a waste of my time.  I feel that I would prefer to have the challenge of rising up to the battle of each day.

10 mini styling challenges while we are working from home, image of shop mannequins with red lipstick

10 time at home Challenges

Here is a list of 10 mini clothes and styling challenges.  My challenge to you, as it is to myself, is to pick a few of them and challenge yourself to incorporate the into your daily routine right now.  Of course, there will be another challenge after this one, which is to continue to incorporate the new habits you are establishing into you post-corona life.  But that’s for another dayWF sign up to list form

The list:

Here is the list.  Are you ready for the challenge?

  1. Get changed at 6pm each evening.  Stop what you are doing and put something on that is more relaxed, more evening, a little more glamourous.  Wide evening trousers, a loose, flowy top or cardigan, something in satin, or even just clean clothes!
  2. Lay our your clothes the night before – be prepared.
  3. Plan your work outfits in advance – take into account working from home, sitting on a sofa maybe rather than at your desk, needing to do other things during the day such as look after the family.
  4. Be properly dressed for work. Not just some half-hearted outfit you found on the chair.  Dress properly as if you are going in to the office.  It does work well and makes you feel organised and in control.
  5. Tidy your wardrobe.
  6. Put all your clothes away.
  7. Wear perfume.  Reorder your favourite if you have run out.  Scent makes a huge difference to your mood, and consequently, how you feel in your clothes.
  8. Take a selfie when you are dressed and ready for the day.  Find something to love about yourself.
  9. Wear lipstick/lipgloss every day.
  10. Get some health in your face:  Apply a little fake tan, or spend some time in the sunshine.  Get a healthy glow look and you will start to feel really great tooWF sign up to list form

Changes I am going to make

I think that’s an easy list.  For me, I have got out of the habit of wearing lipgloss each day and of wearing scent each day, so those are two easy ones I can do.  I might try getting changed at 6pm if I don’t have an online exercise class planned.

Small habits add up to large scale mood change

Finally, remember, that the total effects of these small acts is much greater than you anticipate.  If you are feeling low or down, or anxious, it is amazing how mood transforming something like lipstick and a clean outfit can be.

In other words, the benefits of taking small actions like these, on a regular basis, far outweigh the effort necessary to take them in the first place.


Have a great day,


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