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Reveal yourself

picture of a lavendar coloured plant to accompany a short article entitled Reveal yourself

Reveal yourself

Don’t add

Take away

If you want to find your unique style

Don’t add

Take away

Finding your unique style is about your ability to reveal yourself

About presenting yourself to the world as the real you

And that involves peeling back the layers

So finding your unique style is brave

It’s about being you in the world

which can be scary

To be clear

your unique style is not

well dressed

smartly turned out






although it may be any or all of those things

Your unique style

is who you uniquely are

which involves revealing yourself

Not hiding

or  looking like everyone else

Your ability to reveal yourself

rests on your bravery to overcome






all those layers that we acquire over the years

Start to peel them off

It may involve letting go of how you present yourself to the world

in order to reveal yourself

your true self

which doesn’t depend on the approval of others

To let you in on a little secret

Others aren’t waiting to give you approval

They don’t care at all

They don’t mind what you do

They’re too busy thinking about themselves

As we all are

It’s only what you’re thinking about others

that might stop you from revealing yourself

So if I say to you now

that no one is watching

Wouldn’t you just go for it

Reveal yourself


picture of a lavendar coloured plant to accompany a short article entitled Reveal yourself


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