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At Working Frocks we spend our days designing beautiful, functional, working clothes for busy women like you.
We create clothes that respond to the needs of working women: shift dresses for curvy women; laid-back wear for work; formal wear for work.
Whatever it is, as we are designing and creating, we are also assessing how we can help working women everywhere overcome the stumbling blocks that they have in their minds as well as in their wardrobe.
And that’s where the blog posts, the styling tips, and the courses, all come in.
They are all designed to help you manage your life better, to enjoy your life and live it intentionally.
Both through what you wear, through why you wear it and how you organise your days.
See below for different ways in which we can help you.
You’re sure to find one that answers a problem you have right now.

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Seasonal wardrobe collections designed for the working woman

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Blog posts and styling tips on how to show up authentically as the professional woman you are.

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We offer you paid and free courses which connect the mind, brain, heart and wardrobe. Improve your thinking and dress better with us.

Speed detox your wardrobe
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You don’t need to have someone sort your wardrobe out for you …
you can do it yourself in 3 hours …
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French Capsule Wardrobe Collection

7 essential pieces

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Our recent blog posts are informative and creative
They are designed to empower you in what you wear each and every day

17 March, 2021

Black pencil skirt – why you need one

What to look for when shopping for a pencil skirt. How to wear your pencil skirt and which body shapes suit one best

14 February, 2021

7 ways to organise an overflowing closet

Do you know how to organize an overflowing closet quickly and efficiently? A messy, disorganized, cluttered, overstuffed nightmare of a wardrobe, who would want that?  While most women love the idea of a wardrobe which looks like a calm, peaceful oasis and may dream of an idyllic walk-in wardrobe which is beautifully organized and is a haven of luxurious organization, the reality is often that messy, disorganized, clutter of possessions.

5 February, 2021

What is wardrobe journalling and why is it so good for you?

What journalling can give us is a meaningful connection with ourselves.  Journalling is a way into our thoughts.  It is a way of collecting our thoughts so that we can then examine them or think about them.  A meaningful connection with ourself is a fundamental part of our lived experience. Wardrobe journalling takes journalling one step further. It uses the same format and purpose of journalling but while you are writing you are specifically asking yourself questions around what you wear, why you wear it and what you would like to wear.

Styling Tips are 2 minute reads which will help you immediately uplevel your style and your mood

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