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You will also find many blog posts on what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it.  Having had many years not looking my best (Sarah here) and then finally learning to go with what suits me best (fitted dresses even though I LOVE those baggy shapeless shift dresses) and how I look best (a short bob, even though I’d love long wavy hair) I’m really passionate about making sure that every woman has the opportunity to look her best.

Here is a short series of articles that you might enjoy and that might help you either by offering your some tips as to how to look even better, or help you get unstuck and find yourself again after a long time catering to the needs of others.

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals 1:  How to organise your wardrobe

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals 2: How to put outfits together and look amazing

Insta Wardrbobe Fundamentals 3: How to look your best every day

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals 4 How to find your perfect style