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Our blog posts, published during the week are packed with useful information to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting.  We want you to love what you wear every day. 

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We also publish mini-styling tips.  2 minute reads with 5 minute implementation.  They are short and snappy and perfectly designed if time is short, or you just need a life, or a little bit of inspiration.

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Here are some recent styling tips.

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Most busy working women want to look great and have organised wardrobes but lack time and know how, so we design clothes and provide styling courses which give them the confidence to always know what to wear and how to wear it well.

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Navy silk shift dress for curvy women

Spring and Summer goto shift dress – in navy, designed with real women in mind

Lots of us are curvy. I don’t mean overweight.

I mean curvy, deviating from the “norm”.

But we want to look beautiful and carefree and wear an easy to wear dress shape.

So I created a shift dress for curvy women.

That’s what we do at Working Frocks, we create solutions.

This just happens to be one I particularly love. Because it solved one of my problems.

And maybe it will solve one of yours too.

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