3 Day Wardrobe Detox Day 2

Hello and welcome back to the 3-day wardrobe detox.

Below you will find two videos:

The first is an introductory video to day 2, outlining my unique wardrobe principle.  It is called the 70,20,10 system.  More about it in the video

The second video gets to work for Day 2:

Becoming the star of your wardrobe.

The worksheet for today is in the email you have been sent.  It’s called, “70,20,10 the work”.  Please download it as it is vital for today.

There is a link to it at the bottom of the videos aswell.

I hope you really enjoy today and I’d really love to hear from you so use the contact form at the bottom of this page or on the email page and let me know.  Whether it’s a question about Day 2 or a general comment about the work, get in touch and ask me.  I love to get questions so I’ll be waiting for them to come rolling in.


3-Day Wardrobe Detox – Day 2 Video 1

Download 70,20,10 The Work 

Instruction video:

Download 70,20,10 The Work