Will you stay calm today?


How it all goes so wrong 1

Monday is the day we get back in our shoes, put on our work clothes, get our brain into gear by remembering all those things on Friday that we didn’t have time to do, panic slightly as we remember something else that we really need to do, the deadline for which was sometime last week, put a clothes wash in the machine, remember that yesterday’s laundry is still on the line and oh no! got wet last night.  Get the children up and dressed (if school has not yet broken up), drop them off at school, where you realise, with a sinking heart, that one of them has mufti day, arrive at work just about holding it all together to be pulled into an urgent meeting, where you are given various tasks to fulfill which will mean abandoning your own pre-planned todo list, which means by Monday lunch time you are frazzled, eat far too much at lunch time, breaking your healthy eating routine and sealing your fate on feeling completely miserable.

How it all goes so wrong 2

You wake up, and immediately read your emails.  Something urgent has come in and needs dealing with.  You had planned to go for a run or go to the gym, but now you think this needs prioritising.  You hop into the shower, dress, pour yourself a coffee, and leave for work.  Arriving at work you remember it is a work colleague’s birthday and you were supposed to pick up cakes on the way in.

How do we fit it all in and stay calm and enjoy our day to day lives?

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