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Why be a second rate someone else when you can be a first rate you

I’m definitely in the “Make the most of what you’ve got” camp.  The phrase “Why be a second rate someone else when you can be a first rate you” went straight to my heart and helped me understand, in a few seconds, not only how anxiety-ridden life is if you’re constantly living up to someone else’s life plan rather than your own, but also how it is our life’s work to become ourselves.

This applies not only to our inner world: our hearts and minds, but also to our outer world: our homes; our families; our clothes.

You may have a friend who looks great in straight dresses, and you would love to wear clothes like she does.   Well, firstly, and less importantly, unless you have the same body type as she does you won’t look like she does.  Secondly and more importantly

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