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Wardrobe Journaling

What is wardrobe journaling?

Wardrobe journalling is the act of writing your thoughts onto paper.  It gets your thoughts about yourself, about your self esteem, self confidence and self image out of your brain.  It gets behind your thoughts, those thoughts that your brain presents you with, and helps you observe them.

From behind those thoughts, in what might feel like new territory, you can work out what you are really feeling.  The way that you are able to do that is that while you are exploring this new territory you can observe the thoughts that are being presented to you by your brain from the standpoint of an interested, but uninvolved, bystander.  You become the observer of your own thoughts. There are six steps to wardrobe journalling that we use as a way of ordering the steps that you will take as part of that process.

See the blog posts below for more information.  Grab a notebook and pen and take the plunge!

Alternatively, come and do your wardrobe journalling in community with us! We are launching the first Wardrobe Journalling course soon, so if you would like to be the first to know when registration is open sign up here: Wardrobe Journalling Foundation Launch.

dark haired woman writing in her notebook, journalling, in a cafe, with a cup of tea

The six steps to Wardrobe Journalling

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Woman in a beanie hat and striped jumper holding a coffee and writing in a notebook, journalling, working frocks

What happens when we write?  The value of journalling

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Copper haired woman in a blue dress sitting in a cafe writing in a notebook, journalling, working frocks

What is journalling?  Why is it important for you?

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At Working Frocks we are committed to helping working women of every and all shape, size, colour and creed, step up and be the woman they are created to be.  We see this as our unique gift to the world and want to empower women to look and feel their best every day.  We want to help you be the star of your own show and help you show up each and every day ready to give your all.

We'd love you to stay in touch with us, so join the list today and let us look after you.

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