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Wardrobe Fatigue

I have nothing to wear....boring finished picture

Bored of my Clothes

Are you bored of all your clothes?  I am bored of mine. But we are nearly there, we are nearly in Spring. That said, the weather will not change drastically from 29th February to 1st March, but some things will change, and are already changing.  The light seems more golden, less blue; the days are getting longer; birds are chirping in the morning; bulbs are bursting forth.  But we are not quite there yet, and it is still cold.  Well, short of buying a whole new wardrobe, it’s a question of digging deep, drawing on your immense pool of discipline, and walking out these last few weeks of winter.  The end is in sight.  In a few short weeks our heavier clothes can be cleaned and stored away for a goods ix, if not eight, months.  Hurrah!  So, here are today’s five top tips designed to help you get through these last few weeks (hopefully) of cold weather and many times worn clothes.

Five top tips for getting through the last of the winter

  1. It’s ok to look forward, Spring doesn’t need to come as an unexpected surprise.  Start to look for items in your wardrobe that can transition between winter and spring.  For example a colourful skirt or dress in a lightweight wool, a lighter coloured cardigan, in, say a pastel colour, a softer blouse, maybe in chiffon, to wear with jeans.
  2. Be a bit more meticulous about what you are wearing – clean your jewelry, make sure your appearance is how you want it to be.  I know it’s a tiring time of year, but do persist.  Make sure your shoes/boots are clean, defuzz jumpers, brush your clothes.
  3. If you don’t already, plan your wardrobe Monday through to Friday in advance, not just the night before for the next day.  Just to add pressure, include underwear and jewelry.  Actually it’s not to add pressure, it’s to get you to work your look, to get your wardrobe working for you.  Just do it!!
  4. Change your hairstyle, not drastically, just style things up a bit; change a parting; tuck your hair behind your ears, put your hair up.
  5. Wear the most wintery outfits as much as you can bear to.  They will soon be gone and at least you will have had your wear out of them.

We are nearly there, spring is on its way.  Do these tips work for you?  Did you try one?  How did you get on?  Do you have any tips of your own that you would like to share to help us transition from one season to another and counter wardrobe fatigue?

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