Rock your wardrobe Course

Rock your wardrobe Course


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Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars courseRock your wardrobe and look a million dollars is a wardrobe styling course like no other.

Combining the skills of wardrobe management and creating and establishing your unique style, Rock your wardrobe also examines the motivating forces of brain, mind and emotion.

Learn to manage and organise your wardrobe and create a beautiful unique style for yourself.  At the same time, get to know and understand how to deal with your brain, mind and emotions so that they work for, not against, your best interests.

Why “Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars”?

How would you like to open your wardrobe every day and always have something wear?  Better still always have something to wear that you love?  Or, even better, how would you like to open your wardrobe every day and think, “Is this my life?”  I get to wear all this?!”

If that sounds like a dream, the most amazing dream, to you, then let me assure you that it is entirely possible.

Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars course

It is entirely possible to own clothes that you do love and want to wear.

Where everything in your wardrobe fits you.

Where a beautiful feeling of calm and organisation comes rights from opening that closet door.

What makes “Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars” different to other wardrobe/personal styling courses?

Apart from the very long title…..

The way we teach wardrobe organisation is individual and unique.  If you have read the Working Frocks blog posts you will know that we are keen on systems and organisation and have developed our own method and system for wardrobe styling and organisation.

In addition the brain work that we do which looks at your mind and your emotions and the way it synthesizes with the organisational element of the course is a highly alternative approach to current wardrobe styling courses which concentrate on tidying/sorting/organising.

We love tidying/sorting/organising too.  But the Working Frocks approach is an holistic approach that looks at mind and body together.  Go back and look at video 2 where Sarah talks about your wardrobe being about your emotions, not your clothes, for a reminder of how our approach differs to other courses.

Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars course

Who should take this course?

Of course every women will benefit from taking this course, but we think the following people will benefit the most:

Women who want to look good every day but don’t have the time or know how to do the research themselves (if you don’t have time and want to guarantee your results consider taking the VIP option which is available here).  We know time is a major factor in working women’s lives.  You can’t create more time, but you can manage your time well.  Rock your wardrobe will teach you how to manage your wardrobe well, in the shortest amount of time each week.

Women who are feeling a vague sense of dissatisfaction with what they are wearing and how they are feeling.  Rock your wardrobe will help give you direction and purpose, stop boredom and dull clothes in their tracks and leave you feeling energised and looking amazing, a million dollars even.

Women who want to reconnect with their personal style and who feel that the years have eroded all sense of personal, unique style and want to feel that sense of satisfaction and joy in reconnecting with their unique selves.

Women who want to look good, but don’t know where to start, and think that everyone else was born with an ability to look great and that somehow they missed out on that ability.

Women with wardrobe drama, you know if this is you.  Do you say, “I have nothing to wear”, or “All my clothes are boring” on a regular basis?  Come and join the course, and have clothes to wear that you absolutely love and love wearing.

Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars course

About Rock your wardrobe and look a million dollars

The course starts on 28 September.

It is 4 weeks in duration.

There are two level of enrollment, the normal level and a VIP level.  They are exactly the same, there is no difference in course content.  The main difference is that the VIP level has a greater amount of personal involvement from Sarah, there is more accountability, more face to face time.

We offer a bonus course to accompany Rock your wardrobe.  The bonus is titled, “How to create a capsule wardrobe from clothes you already own”.

As soon as you join the course we will start sending you pre-work.  It’s always so exciting to join a new course and get started on the material right away.  We want to capitalise on that, and on your results, by starting you off with small amounts of pre-work so you can be in the best frame of mind when we start on the 28th September. (If you don’t get a chance to do the pre-work, don’t worry, it will all be offered in the course).

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