Little Black Dress - Summer

Perfect little black dresses for the summer months.

The little black dress is a timeless staple for women all round the world.

It is often our goto dress in times of doubt and indecision about what to wear for an important or significant occasion.

We reach into the back of our wardrobe and pick out that steady friend in times of need.

And while it’s good to have clothes to rely on,

if it’s a dress you’re going to rely on time and time again,

don’t let it be some forlorn, seen-better-days kind of dress.

Make it the best it can be.

Working Frocks is dedicating a whole section of its collection space to the little black dress.

For summer and winter.

You’re sure to find one here.

Get that little black dress in your wardrobe as a great staple.  Make your clothes go to work for you.

And wear what you love, love what you wear.  If you don’t love it you know what to do with it don’t you?  Get rid of it.  Give it to someone or someplace who will love it better.

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