Podcast Episode 6


Work Capsule Wardrobe

Today’s episode is another practical one. It’s about my particular method for creating a working capsule wardrobe. It covers the steps you need to take to create a work capsule wardrobe for yourself that is a total reflection of your personal style and how you want to show up each day.

Episode 6 – Work Capsule Wardrobe


Welcome to this week’s episode where we delve deep into the art of curating your work capsule wardrobe. But here’s the twist: it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about you. Join us as we explore my unique method that flips the script on traditional wardrobe organisation. In this episode, we guide you through the process of creating your own capsule wardrobe, starting with a little introspection and personal style discovery.
I’m Sarah Banks, a couture dress designer, seasoned fashion enthusiast and advocate for mindful consumption, and I share insights, tips, and practical advice on how to build a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality, lifestyle, and professional needs. Each step is designed to empower you in making conscious choices that align with your individuality.
As a special treat, we’re offering a complimentary, comprehensive download alongside this episode. Dive deeper into the world of capsule wardrobes with our exclusive guide, crafted to accompany you on your style journey.
Tune in now to unlock the secrets of creating a work capsule wardrobe that not only simplifies your mornings but also elevates your confidence and authenticity in every professional setting.

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