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Light Clothing

Cotton buds on a branch on a pale white background. Article on wearing light clothing in the summerSpring and Summer months are great aren’t they

We get to wear lighter clothes, patterned fabrics, different shapes, different shoes styles

It’s great

Remember to keep your summer fabrics light, though

Don’t wear heavy fabrics, manmade fabrics, fabrics that don’t breathe

But keep your fabrics natural

cotton, linen, lightweight wool

In previous centuries there were lots of names in use for fabrics

that we barely use today


Batiste, brocade, chintz, Egyptian cotton, Pima, Supima, Sea Island, muslin

These days, the garment label will say 100% cotton

that’s all you’ll get

Take the time to search out fabrics that feel good on your skin

that breathe and feel light

You know that make you feel great and alive

We live in one of the richest times in history

Don’t be fobbed off with sub-par fabrics

I’ll say that now for the summer

But I’ll say it in the winter too

Wear fabrics that remind you of when you were a child

Wear fabrics that make you feel alive

like you were the last time you felt truly truly at one with the world

Clothes shouldn’t alienate us from our world experience

They should draw us back into it

Clothes you wear today could be heritage pieces

for the children of tomorrow

Choose well and choose wisely


Cotton buds on a branch on a pale white background. Article on wearing light clothing in the summer

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