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Thanks for coming over to have a look at our free resources and see what will be useful for you.

Learn about wardrobe journalling.  How to write down your thoughts about what you are wearing, why you are wearing it, what you want to change and how you want your future self to look.

Great resource if you want to work out what you are thinking, if you want to get clear on your thoughts, if you want to live your best life ever and look better than you ever thought possible.

Speed detox your wardrobe in 3 hours!  Yes. 3.

Initially written as a much longer course, we thought, why spend days sorting out your clothes when you have a life to live!

Download our worksheet, put some music on, get to work and let’s get the wardrobe/closet detoxed!

How to dress for your body shape, 3 articles on loving your shape, shopping for your shape and accepting your shape, plus an indispensible checklist.  Don’t beat yourself up that your waist is too big, your bust too small or your hair is too thin or thick or curly or straight!  Accept who you are, and then maximise the positive and minimise the negatives.  plus no messing with Mr Inbetween.