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Don’t try so hard

Life is not about trying harder, it is about becoming who you are.  It is about being not doing.

This applies to clothes as much as to character.

Who are you?

Do you know who you are?  Those moments of realisation when the penny drops on who you are, are so precious.  And that sense of knowing reflects back out at the world in our outer appearance.  Hopefully our inner appearance also reflects outwardly, but at the very least our sense of understanding who we are is reflected in the clothes that we choose to wear.

We understand how, if you are created to be outdoors and work  with animals, but find yourself indoors working with people, that there will be a mismatch in who you are and what you are living out.  This mismatch often looks like discomfort: discomfort with oneself (awkward movements, shying away from people, defensive body language); discomfort in one’s clothing, baggy shapeless clothes, badly looked after clothing.

How to look your best without really trying

On the other hand if you are happy with your life, living out a sense of wholeness in who you are and what you are becoming, then the chances are that this sense of wholeness or integrity is reflected back out externally in how well you look and how great you look in what you are wearing.  When your hair is shiny, skin glowing, when your body feels great and eating is under control (another sign of a balanced character), then you really do start to look amazing, in fact money can’t buy that type of healthy glow.  It’s not about striving, about this or that diet, this or that facial, this or that great new designer.  It’s about becoming who you are.  No amount of striving will make you  more beautiful than you already are.

You can’t buy self esteem but it’s worth its weight in gold

A quiet confidence oozes out of people who have a healthy self-esteem.  This self-esteem inhabits people who feel good in their skin.  When you feel good in your skin  you look great.  Money can’t buy either the confidence or the appearance.  Like sleep it’s an intangible asset that reaps so much more than was sown.

So, don’t try so hard, be who you are, enjoy yourself.  Your outer appearance will reflect this self confidence and you will see a slightly different you in the mirror.  At no cost, only great benefit.  Is that not a win-win situation?

Mee Harriet 2012 (c) marc aitken 2012 63.


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