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Why you should create an inspiration folder of outfits you love

This blog post was first published in 2019, but now we are all under lockdown it’s a great article to revisit.  Getting your clothes to work hard for you is the best return on your investment in them.  Get in touch with what you really love to wear.  Create an inspiration folder of outfit ideas … Read more

How to create outfits: Wear new outfits from old clothes

  Learn how to create outfits and get the maximum cost per wear for your clothes as well as look like you have an endless closet. Our two-step process gathers outfit ideas then creates outfits based on your idea collection, helping you create a stylish look based on your individual preferences. How to create outfits … Read more

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals: How to 2: Put outfits together: Be Organised

How to put outfits together. Insta wardrobe fundamentals mini series . Number 2: How to put outfits together

I used to think that well dressed women were naturally endowed with the ability to look amazing every day.  It took me a long time to realise that no well dressed woman is that way by accident.  Those well dressed women know how to put outfits together.  Looking great, amazing even, is all about organisation, … Read more

Confidence: How dressing affects your attitude and confidence

Confidence How dressing affects your attitude and confidence Are you stuck in a rut?  Are you no longer confident in yourself?  Do you realise just how dressing affects your attitude and confidence?  Are you aware that you can change your mental state through the every day habit of getting dressed? It can come upon us … Read more

My Story

I’m Sarah Banks and I’ve been dressing women like you, like us, for over 20 years. Through my fashion companies which hand make couture outfits, from bridalwear to daywear with every type of outfit in between I have intimate first hand understanding of what looks good on women of all different shapes and sizes. Over … Read more

Wardrobe Fundamentals: How to 5: Get your head sorted and buy the best clothes for you.

It may be that you are a loss about what to wear.  You buy clothes for different reasons but nothing every seems to feel right.  Does the following statement describe you?: I buy clothes hoping that they will “do” and that I can scrape by unnoticed.  I also buy clothes to cover up although my … Read more

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals 1: How to: 4 steps to organise your wardrobe and get your life back

Image showing clothes on a rail promoting part 1 of the Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals course - your first steps to an organised wardrobe

Do you dread opening the door to your wardrobe each day?  Are your clothes so tightly packed in that you can hardly get anything out?  Do you only wear about 20% of what’s in your wardrobe either because that’s all you can get out or all that you can get into?  Does your stomach lurch … Read more

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals: 4: How to find your personal style

How to find your personal style Want to improve your look? Fed up of the same personal style you’ve had for years?  Don’t know how to make a change that will suit you without making costly mistakes or spending time you haven’t got?  Use this Insta wardrobe fundamentals blog, “How to find your personal style” … Read more

How to shop for your shape

How to shop for your body shape – the frustrations I am told on a regular basis, by many different women, how hard it is to find something from the high street shops that fits their personal shape well.  As someone who makes ready to wear and also couture clothes I can understand why this … Read more

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