Build on Character

background picture of a stylish woman in a shorts suit walking a dog

Style builds on character

If how you look and what you wear is important to you

Make sure your character is growing all the time

Shape yourself with your character

Your style will be the fruit of your character development

Character is the plant

and style is the flower

If you look really great and love what you wear

that’s great

Keep yourself in check with your character

You look great

but what is going on in your mind

Are you in touch with yourself, with your wants and desires


if you are not happy with how you look and how you feel

firstly put on a great outfit that you love

you will always feel better when you make an effort

then do a short personal inventory

Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of

internal navel gazing

The aim is to course correct your life in line with your

goals for your life and your values

A very obvious example is being in the wrong job

You might over eat instead of facing the fact that you need to change jobs

Overeating leads inevitably to weight gain

Which leads to clothes not fitting

which leads to you feeling bad about yourself

and ‘punishing’ yourself by not taking an interest in your clothes or how you look

I can help you dress better and feel good about what you wear

But really we have to look at what got you to that point in the first place

And it was your job

A personal inventory should help you identify any area that needs addressing

We all know people who looked like they had it all and then lost it

We think

why would they do that?

They had the house the car the clothes the lifestyle the family the marriage the holidays

Things objects items possessions

don’t sustain us

Our character sustains us

Make sure you get this order right

At whatever life stage you are at

Character first

Then clothes

background picture of a stylish woman in a shorts suit walking a dog

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