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Why delayed gratification might be bad for you

We know it’s good to wait for what we want. To delay getting something. We know that patience is a great thing. But for some of us, delayed gratification is hiding another issue which is low self esteem. We think we don’t deserve something and so we create situations where we continually don’t get things or achieve things. This proves to us that we don’t deserve things in life ‘like everyone else does’. And so the cycle continues.

Read on for how to spot the signs that delayed gratification might just be hiding your self esteem, and how to stop this cycle with a simple method.

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It doesn’t apply to me

Are you stuck in dull, negative thoughts patterns?

Do you stop yourself from having what you want because of low level, sometimes unconscious chatter in your brain that tells you, “It doesn’t apply to me.”?

Do you look at someone else’s life and see areas where they are successful, the kind of success you yourself would like but think “Oh that kind of success, that kind of luck, it doesn’t apply to me.”?

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The best version of you

What do you need to be the best version of you?

The answer to this question may lie in how you think about yourself and how you think about life.

Do you think life is about achievement, doing, working, getting? Or do you think that life is about experiencing, feeling, being?

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Setting personal goals with Lose 5, Stylise, Organise

Lose 5, Stylise, Organise

Setting personal goals, and then achieving them, can be hard work especially with everything else that clamours for our time. It’s easy to deprioritise ourselves in order to prioritise others: work; family; responsibilities.

Building momentum, through continually achieving goals you set yourself, can be impossible if you don’t have a framework that will ensure your success.

So today I’m sharing with you the framework for our new course, “Lose 5, Stylise, Organise” to show you how you can set and achieve your personal goals.

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New Year, New You – How to implement and maintain a “new you”

Here we are at the start of a new year. If there is one time in the year when we make goals, plans and dreams it is this time of year.

Exercise, diet and financial goals are big topics for new year’s resolutions.
We start with the greatest of intentions but statistics show that the majority of people forget their new year’s resolutions after about 3 weeks and then return to their old pattern of behaviour.

Creating your own personal clothing protocol, maintaining an organised wardrobe and understanding your own unique style are empowering resolutions to make and here at Working Frocks we are designing systems and courses for you to join which will help you design, create and implement your “new you”.

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Who do you want to be? How to decide what you want in life

How did you decide what you want in life? Did you go after it with everything you’ve got, grab every chance with both hands and pursue your decision relentlessly?

A world full of people, and women in particular, deciding what they want, going for it, achieving it and celebrating themselves is a real possibility. But not all of us have either decided what we really want or are relentlessly pursuing it to fruition.

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Starting the new year

Happy new year!


What will you do? The year stretches out in front of you. 365 days for you to do exactly what you want.

So what is it that you want to do?

I have been thinking very much these past few weeks. About changing my style. And about why I would want to change it now. What is the catalyst that is driving this restlesness that I feel and disatisfaction with what I wear and how I look.


It’s the change. My life is changing. My business is growing and I want to show up in a better kind of way. My personal life is changing and there might be a wedding on the horizon. And it is creating a dissatisfaction with the status quo. With how things have been. Clothes that I once wore seem wrong. Dated. Out of place. Dull.

How are you feeling about the new year?  Do you want a fresh start? Is something niggling you, irritating you and you don’t know quite what?

Clothes are not just clothes.  We use them to express how we feel as much as to cover up our bodies and be comfortable.

So if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes. Or out of sorts. And something doesn’t feel quite right, the chances are that something is happening in your life. So don’t ignore that sense of disatisfaction.

The important question is what are you going to do about it?  What do you want to do about it?

I can help with that. I can help you organise your thoughts and your clothes.  The two added together will make quite an impact on your life.

So keep a journal.  Say, for a week. Write down your thoughts. How you are feeling. What you want to achieve this year. What’s on your mind. I’m going to be explaining what you can do with these thoughts and writings over the month of January. So take this week to explore your own mind.

And then we will get to work. And set your course for 2022.

Happy new year!

My best tip for having a great day

Get your wardrobe organised: Creating a framework of what to wear every day.

Do you wake up in the morning and your heart sinks when you start to think about the day, about getting up, and what you are going to wear?

Does your day unravel before it’s even started?

Do you wish you could go back to bed and not have to face the day?

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Creating community: Why reDRESS

For a long while I thought about creating a community, club, group, not sure what I would call it, for women. It would be a place for women to come and feel well and restored.

It would not be a place to recover from physical illness. Rather it would be a place to become mentally whole. A place to be rid of self-limiting and self-berating beliefs that we feel about ourselves. It would be a place to restore ourselves back to a time and place where we thought we were invincible, where we could achieve anything, where success was ours for the taking.

That place still exists. It runs deep within us. The water still flows. Somehow a long upwards staircase took us away from the deep well of running water. The source of ourselves. One day we found ourselves in an arid land, a place where the heat is intense, where there is no shade. We are overwhelmed with burden and we don’t know where to go to relieve ourself of this burden.

We blame ourselves for finding ourselves in this situation and heap self-condemnation onto burden.

We try and find escape routes from our burden: smoking, drinking, overeating, all the body things that feel so good in the moment but actually don’t help at all. And, in addition, we acquire addictive habits that are hard to break.

The club that I was going to create was to help women return to wholeness. To remove the barnacles and wounds that we inflict on ourselves and return to that lightness and joy that once was ours.

At the same time I have a love for clothes that is not described in terms of fashion. It is not about fashion. It is about how beautiful, strong, empowered and unique we feel when we wear clothes that we love. It is about how much better we feel when we are wearing clothes which mirror how we feel on the inside, in our interior world. It is about the relationship between the inner you and the outer you. In fact I call this the Zone of Peace. It is where the inner you meets the outer you. And I used my wardrobe styling advice to talk about this.

So, I have these two passions and they existed independently in my mind. Until one day, I had a thought baby. A thought baby is where two independent ideas come together and create something new, something which hasn’t been created yet.

And this is how the idea for reDRESS was born. And this is what makes reDRESS unique, the fusion of these two concepts: The wardrobe styling aspect where I offer advice and styling tips for looking your best every day; and the idea of a club to help women return to a wellness state of hope, anticipation and excitement.

So this is the story of how I thought up reDRESS. It’s an online community for women to address all your personal style issues: From totally transforming your personal style, to losing a few pounds, taking care of your body or just tweeking your personal style and finding your own unique zone of peace. And also to work on your mind, your thoughts and beliefs to help you return to that deep flowing river, that source of all you are.

Why not come on the journey with reDRESS? Doors open soon, so get on the waiting list and be the first fo find out when you can join. We guide you through all the steps you need to take each month with tutorials, videos and live sessions. Just think where you could be in a year’s time if you let go of all that hinders you and return to your real, whole, original self.

I look forward to seeing you in reDRESS.

Have a great day

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