Spring has really sprung…..

….I’m insisting on calling our weather spring-like but it really is very hot at the moment, and more like summer.  It’s hard to believe last week we were in dresses, tights, jumpers and cardis.  This week we’ve finally cracked open the summer wardrobe.   Who knows what next week will bring? Dressing appropriately on a … Read more

Spring is a season so let’s acknowledge it

Spring months are March, April May, it is a transition time between winter and summer, but it is not summer, and our expectations are kept firmly in check by a glance out of the window.    But Spring is a lovely season and I think we are cheating ourselves out of one of the most … Read more

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain…..

….but unfortunately England is not so discriminating, the rain is staying mainly everywhere, and dressing for a rainy day has become a feature of the last month, and is set to remain a factor each day as we get dressed.  So what are you wearing for work, and how are you coping with this weather? … Read more