One question you need to ask yourself when editing your wardrobe

 Keep items that you do love…..   This week the Working Frocks wardrobe was purged.  I have thrown away anything not worn in the last year.  OK, I couldn’t bring myself to eliminate everything that I hadn’t worn in a year, but nearly everything: leggings, jumpers, cardigans, skirts.   The Golden rule is this: If … Read moreOne question you need to ask yourself when editing your wardrobe

You are Enough

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Why do we find that so hard to believe?

This weekend was busy with the family.  I was trying to stay on top of keeping the house tidy, have a good fun time with the children and carve out some quality down time for me.  I was also experimenting with a 4 hour chunk exercise where you divide the weekend into 4 hour chunks, allocating a different group of tasks to each 4 hour chunk.  So 9am-1pm Saturday was household and family chores and errands; 1-5pm was family time; 5-9pm was time for me.  It went quite well, but by yesterday afternoon I was SO tired, and burst into tears when the boys asked to go on another bike ride (not my finest hour), and I just didn’t think I had the energy, plus was surveying a house that seemed impervious to the 4hr tidy up slot I had allocated it.  Yesterday evening I watched a Marie tv video with Colleen Saidman Yee, ( where quoting a Jason Isbell song lyric, “Cover me up and know you’re enough”, she said, “You are enough”.  She then went on to say, “If one woman would stand up and tell her story, the whole universe would break open”.

“You are enough” is a great line, and it is a challenging one too because it requires us to be honest about who we are and where we are.  I’m not superwoman, I’m me: parenting the children as best I can; working; shopping; planning; cleaning; and tidying up as best as I can.  And that has to be good enough, because I am enough.  Why, though, do I find that so hard to believe about myself?  Why do I think I am NOT enough?  And why do we try and hide our feelings of inadequacy?  Is it through guilt, or fear, or shame?

Colleen is right, each time one of us stands up and tells her story, the whole universe breaks open.  What is your story?  How can you be authentically yourself with yourself, or with friends, or with me as you’re reading this, in a way that frees you and allows you to be you?  I seem to have spent a lot of time recently on my weaknesses: making them stronger; better; faster, attempting to make my life more efficient and much more productive.  By focussing on my weak points: structure in my work life, tidying up at home, being organised generally, I think I’ve lost sight of what I am good at: creating, visioning, problem solving, reading, having ideas…and because this is an uphill struggle, it makes me feel th

Read moreYou are Enough

10 indispensible items of clothing for Spring

One minute it’s hot and you’re regretting wearing black tights, the next it’s cold and you’re regretting short sleeves and nude tights….can’t get it right can we?  Well, yes we can, it’s entirely possible to dress well, dress appropriately and stay either warm or cool, with the minimum of fuss and maximum of fun.  So, … Read more10 indispensible items of clothing for Spring

Seasonal Change Winter/Spring/Summer

A few weeks ago I made the decision to put my black/brown/grey/opaque tights away for the year and to bring out my nude coloured tights in eager anticipation (or so I thought) or going bare-legged in a few weeks time.  Yesterday I went back into brown tights and felt all the better for it.   … Read moreSeasonal Change Winter/Spring/Summer

Looking After Your Wardrobe

Rename post: Looking after your clothes, look after you. Why looking after your clothes is looking after you. How to look after yourself emotionally by taking care of your clothes How to set a solid emotional foundation for your life Stop hiding your emotional baggage behind your clothes.               … Read moreLooking After Your Wardrobe

Art, Industry: It’s going to take time

A handwritten envelope came through the post last week.  Such a welcome change from typed addresses.  It was a catalogue and exhibtion invitation from a friend of mine, Charlie Mackesy. Charlie’s work is breathtakingly beautiful and thought provoking.  But this beauty comes out of an immense amount of hard work.  I found this so encouraging … Read moreArt, Industry: It’s going to take time

Chanel’s Little Black Jacket…

I’m so excited that Chanel’s Little Black Book exhibition is coming to London. The exhibition, celebrating one of Chanel’s most iconic pieces, the little black jacket, will open at The Saatchi Gallery on 12 October 2012. The project, which was the brainchild of Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld and ex-Vogue Paris editor, Carine Roitfeld, began … Read moreChanel’s Little Black Jacket…

Ready to Wear with a touch of bespoke…..

I was trying to decide what to wear to a girlfriend’s birthday dinner party and thought I’d wear something from the current collection.  Vittoria caught my eye….. I love the freshness of it.  I have a chiffon flower embellishment from a supplier which I really love, but I only have one so can’t really put … Read moreReady to Wear with a touch of bespoke…..

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