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Weekly round up of blog posts - the wardrobe edit

Hello and Welcome to this week’s blog round up. – The Wardrobe Edit

We are focussing on your wardrobe this week: how to create good feelings around your wardrobe; how to get rid of clothes that you might be clinging on to for the wrong reasons; how to speed detox your wardrobe.



Blog Round up – The Wardrobe Edit – Stop wearing mediocre clothes

Stop wearing mediocre clothes and make space for clothes that make you feel amazing is the message of this post: Stop wearing mediocre clothes, get rid of them and get a better life

It’s a quick run through how to tell if you are wearing mediocre clothes that you should definitely get rid of.  We look at why you might be wearing clothes that are well past their sell by date: either comfort; or because you are stuck in a rut.

And we look at 2 questions that you need to ask each time you evaluate whether you should keep an item of clothing or not.

Blog Round up – The Wardrobe Edit – Speed Detox blogs 1,2 & 3



Read through the blogs.  You will definitely find something in there that is useful to you and want to join our course.  The course, by the way, is totally free.

The blog posts are here:

Speed Detox 1 – Overcome Overwhelm

Speed Detox 2 – Be the star of you wardrobe!

Speed Detox 3 – Maintain Wardrobe Health


I would love you to join the Working Frocks List.  We love to look after women’s wardrobes and we would love to look after yours too.  Sign up today:

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Blog Round up – The Wardrobe Edit – 20 moments of Wardrobe Joy

Creating 20 moments of Wardrobe Joy

I loved writing this post.  It was a bit of a departure for me, a different way of writing.  But I love the idea that our wardrobes should bring us joy.  We have the potential to have a great sense of connectedness with our wardrobe.  This post is 20 small actions you can take to get back in touch with yourself through your wardrobe:

Create 20 moments of Wardrobe Joy 

At Working Frocks we love this connection that we can have with the clothes that we wear daily.  Join up today and let us look after you, your wardrobe and your relationship with your clothes and your mental health:

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Blog Round up – The Wardrobe Edit – Looking good during lockdown

Why should you make an effort to look good during lockdown?  After all, who is going to see you?  And, wouldn’t you like to spend all day in your pyjamas?  Get the answers here:

Why bother looking good during lockdown?

Enjoy!  If you are busy just pick one or two, read it and take action.  What we write about in Working Frocks isn’t revolutionary.  But we give you practical tips that can really change your life through what you wear. Take action today and start to feel really amazing.

Let us help you.  Join the Working Frocks group and start to make a real difference to your mental health, your self esteem and your relationship with your wardrobe:

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Have a great day!

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