The six steps to wardrobe journalling

6 steps to wardrobe journalling working frocks picture of a woman in a cafe writing in her journal

Today’s blog post takes a dive into the six steps to wardrobe journalling.  As you may know we are spending time exploring the idea of wardrobe journalling here at Working Frocks.  Today’s post gives you the details on the order we use as part of the process.  We hope it gives you a good insight into how you can get started on this wonderful journey.

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French Chic

French chic woman sitting on a pavement cafe in France Working Frocks blog post

French chic

Gallic charm

Call it what you will

but there is something about French women

that is so stylish

and chic

corny though that may sound

Maybe we can’t define the undefinable

but we can describe how the undefinable looks

It looks simple




It looks playful

and bold

It is simple

a plain white top or shirt

French chic woman sitting on a pavement cafe in France Working Frocks blog post styling tips section

It celebrates the body

a pencil skirt

It is rigourous

plain colours in a neutral palette: white, black, beige

It is playful

bold colours or pattern mixed in with the basics

leopard print snake print gold trainers

It is formulaic

pearls and discreet gold jewellery for the day

large chunky necklaces for the evening

one bracelet one necklace

It goes with the rules

hair in a bob, discreet make up

It is confident

No make up

or heavy eyes and red lipstick

It is simple

don’t make it fussy

Trousers top ballerina flats

you’re done

It is not self conscious

it is confident

Channel your inner French woman today

Pare back

Get rid of all that is extra and fussy

French chic is not fussy

Wear fewer clothes

of better quality

Be confident

French women exude confidence


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7 ways to organize an overflowing closet

Do you know how to organize an overflowing closet quickly and efficiently? A messy, disorganized, cluttered, overstuffed nightmare of a wardrobe, who would want that?  While most women love the idea of a wardrobe which looks like a calm, peaceful oasis and may dream of an idyllic walk-in wardrobe which is beautifully organized and is a haven of luxurious organization, the reality is often that messy, disorganized, clutter of possessions.

How does it get like that? Or rather, isn’t it so easy for our clothes to get like that.  One day everything is beautifully organized and the next it has turned into a seething pile of clothing larva, ready to erupt, or sometimes looking like it has already erupted.

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Women have a voice you have a voice and we don't have to conform Your voice creates life creates your life Working Frocks Styling tips

Your voice

It announces your style

and it describes your style

Women have a voice

you have a voice

and we don't have to conform

Your voice creates life

creates your life

Your voice stakes a claim in the world

We hear the language

and we hear the voice

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A voice is not just for describing instructions

do this do that don't do this walk here don't walk here eat this stop that pick this up put that down

it's also for describing experiences

conveying emotions

explaining thoughts

And that is your style

as much as a dress

or a pair of shoes

The life you want to live

will be conveyed on the wave of your voice

What you speak out

will be reflected in what you wear

And what you wear

will be reflected in what you say

Try it for yourself

Wear one of your favourite outfits

and see how differently you think and speak

Your voice will also be a reflection of your lifestyle

and your thoughts and feelings around the life you have chosen

Quiet confidence sometimes comes in the form of a soft voice

a voice that doesn't need to shout

Your voice encapsulates your style

Your voice is your style

an audio version of your style

Women have a voice you have a voice and we don't have to conform Your voice creates life creates your life Working Frocks Styling tips

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What is journalling? Why is it important for you?

Do you keep a journal?  Journalling (journaling in the US) is a written record of our thoughts and feelings.  Whereas once you may have said that you keep a diary, these days you might say that you journal, or keep a journal, or have a daily journalling practice.  I like the word journalling.  It feels looser, more informal than ‘diary’, more encompassing of a wide range of thoughts and pictures.

Journalling tracks our every day life, or times in our life, or periods or projects in our life.  It tracks our emotional path through life as well as physical events.  Journalling is not a prescriptive set of rules.  You may have your own rules or guidelines, but there is no set way to keep a journal.


Keep a journal and figure out what makes you tick

The important factor for the purposes of clothes, and for Working Frocks, is that journalling helps us figure out what makes us tick, what makes us happy, or where we might be stuck in anxiety, depression or fear.

Just as journalling does that for our emotions it also does that for our relationship with our clothes.

What journalling can give us is a meaningful connection with ourselves.  Journalling is a way into our thoughts.  It is a way of collecting our thoughts so that we can then examine them or think about them.  A meaningful connection with ourself is a fundamental part of our lived experience.

Keeping a journal is an organisation and creative tool

If you don’t already keep a journal we really recommend that you spend time each day to reflect on your thoughts. Write down what you are thinking, without holding back. Write as if noone is watching.

As well as being a great creative outlet, journalling is also an organisational tool. Keeping a journal helps to organise out thoughts and put them into some order.

There are two steps to this organisational process:

  1. The first is to get your thoughts out, so just write them down, draw them, mind map them or just stream or consciousness them out.
  2. The second is to examine them.

It’s important that you don’t rush into just examining your thoughts without getting them all out.
The importance, though, of getting your thoughts out on paper is that it frees up our working memory. When our thoughts are out on paper, instead of in our head, we stop continually processing them. This, in turn, can mean that we sleep better. And as a result of that, our immune system gets a boost and so does our mood.

Creating your own mental space

If you keep a journal, you will find that you are able to create your own mental space. Away from your phone, work emails and family demands it is a space where you can be yourself and think your own thoughts. You can take off your ‘autopilot’ mode and work out what you are really thinking. Sometimes a short walk followed by ten minutes journalling, or the reverse, is a brilliant way of processing thoughts and emotions, like anxiety and anger, and getting back to peace and serenity.

Keep a journal and set goals

Your goals can easily be hijacked by the world if you don’t stay vigilant. When you are chasing your tail, are working like a machine and living your life in response to outside forces, you need to take a step back from time to time and check in with yourself:

Remember what your purpose is.
Reset your goals.
Take a deep breath.
And go back in there.

Noone will give you permission to calm down, to rethink and reset. It’s permission you give yourself. Set your own goals, have your own agenda. Take time out, withdraw from the noise and chatter, and remember what you want and why you want it.

Setting goals is best done, can only be done, in peace and calm. So take that time to set your goals in peace, and to reassess them in peace too.

One step further: Wardrobe journalling

Wardrobe journalling takes journalling one step further. It uses the same format and purpose of journalling but while you are writing you are specifically asking yourself questions around what you wear, why you wear it and what you would like to wear. There are times in our life when we let our clothes dictate how our character acts, whereas the flow should be the other way round: our character should dictate what clothes we wear.

You might go through years just wearing something out of habit, and it is only through the act of wardrobe journallling that you realise that you don’t like what you are wearing, and that it doesn’t reflect your personality at all.

A little more journalling reveals that what you would actually like to be wearing, that is a much better reflection of your personality, is something else entirely. Sometimes you might realise that you are almost scared to live up to the person you are revealing yourself to be. And there lies the challenge.

You have uncovered yourself, do you have the courage to step into that person? Or do you want to stay where you are, living a small game, hiding behind clothes that you feel are keeping you safe and comfortable. Whereas in fact that are keeping you stuck and living half a life rather than the full, overflowing life, you are created for. So, keep a journal, start today. Why not have fun with it and do some wardrobe journalling? We have the perfect worksheet to help you get started which you can download here by clicking the image below:

wardrobe journalling working frocks

We hope you will get started today, keep a journal and really reap huge benefits from it over the years.

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What happens when we write? The value of journalling

Hello there and welcome to the Working Frocks blog if you are here for the first time and welcome back if you are a returning reader.

Over the last few years I have written a lot of words.  Mostly I write in longhand, with a blue pen, on a lined A4 pad. I have a diary and I write out all my business thoughts, ideas and plans in longhand before they are typed up and loaded into my laptop.  I greatly enjoy writing things down and always feel quite energised when I have done so.  But I wasn’t really thinking about what happens when we write.  What effects the actual physical act of writing by hand is having on the brain.

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Do you have wardrobe drama?

What is wardrobe drama?

Wardrobe drama is a self-generated state of high anxiety and emotion, focussing on our clothes but most probably less to do with our clothes than it is to do with what is going on in our mind.  The primary purpose of wardrobe drama is to create a heightened emotional state, or to release a pent-up frustration rather than solve a problem or calmly assess the situation.  Are you guilty of wardrobe drama?…

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Wardrobe journalling

Wardrobe journalling

is a way of capturing your thoughts

almost when you don’t realise you are thinking them

We go through our days

and we all know how difficult it is to stop and pause

and reflect

But it’s the reflection that is the nugget

the seed

of all that your life is

and could be

How we dress

what we wear

is intimately tied up with

how we feel


what we think

wardrobe journalling working frocks
There is a whole world there

of thoughts






that remain untapped

until we tap into them

Wardrobe journalling is a way in

It’s a way to work out what you are thinking

and why are you thinking it

It’s a way of tapping in to who you are

who you want to be

and who

in your wildest dreams

you would be

Wardrobe journalling is a way of finding your way back to

your strength

your inner strength

It may be lying


way down under a pile of

jogging bottoms

clothes that don’t fit you

work clothes you hate

But there it is nonetheless

And in a way you’ve been searching for it all your life

because it is you

Don’t think for one moment that clothes are




Not at all

They are fundamentally important

And you have the chance to be the person you were always created to be

simply by tuning in to what your thoughts are

around your clothes

I created a resource

a wardrobe journalling resource

You can download it through the link below

It’s a free resource

but it’s not without value

It has great value

Download it today

Set aside a little time

and get to work

thinking about what you are not thinking about

and why you might not be thinking it

Who knows where it might take you



Start the week well

Start the week well styling tip working frocks

By the end of the weekend

I feel like I’ve got myself back


Some weekends it feels like I have a second job single-handedly running a large hotel

with super demanding guests

But usually by Sunday evening I can pause

and feel good about going into the week

And then Monday happens

and I don’t feel quite that way

I’m not sure why

It really helps to have a great outfit to wear on a Monday morning

Yes, even if you’re working from home

What is a great outfit?

It’s one where you feel fantastic in it

It fits you

It looks good

It’s not distracting

no missing buttons or zips that don’t do up or hems that are coming down

A great outfit is one which helps you get on with your day

It eases you into the week

at the same time comforting you

It’s the outfit that says

All is well

without speaking

Try and prepare it on a Sunday night

and have it there on Monday

Get up and get in to that outfit

Your day will start with a bang

not a whimper

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Start the week well styling tip working frocks

I have created a free gift for you

It’s a journaling cheat sheet

It’s all about getting in touch with what you are thinking about what you wear

If the thought of planning what to wear makes you groan inwardly

or despair

or immediately want to run away and do something else entirely

Or even if you just want to have a better relationship with your clothes

(btw having a better relationship with your clothes equals having a better relationship with yourself)

then download the cheatsheet

Spend thirty minutes and see where it takes you

If you just want to stay in touch for now and maybe do the 3 Day Detox later then join our membership list here:

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Have a great day!

How to wear summer clothes in the fall/autumn

how to wear summer clothes in fall blog header image of the neckline of a white dress

5 style tips to get more wear out of your summer clothes when the temperatures drops

Do you want to know how to continue to wear summer clothes in the fall/autumn?  After all, the temperature doesn’t change that rapidly, and quite often we have beautiful, warm, sunny days well into September.  It would be a shame not to be able to take advantage of the remaining sunny, warm weather.  Rather than be keen to rush into autumn/fall wear you may want to hold on to summer as long as you possible can.  Here’s how to do it.

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