10 indispensible items of clothing for Spring

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One minute it’s hot and you’re regretting wearing black tights, the next it’s cold and you’re regretting short sleeves and nude tights….can’t get it right can we?  Well, yes we can, it’s entirely possible to dress well, dress appropriately and stay either warm or cool, with the minimum of fuss and maximum of fun.  So, with no further ado, here is a list of 10 items, indispensable to all women who stay on top of  their sartorial quest regardless of the weather’s vagaries…..

1. Nude tights – bite the bullet, get those tights bought

2. Sheer black tights 7 denier appearance

3. Black slingback shoes

4. Brown/beige shoes of either low or high heel

5. 1 shirtdress – long or short sleeves

6. 1 black silk lightweight dress with optional white collars/cuffs

7. Cardigan to match shirtdress/black silk dress – beige, cream, pale blue, pink, green, the choice if yours.

8. Trousers (this is an allowance not a necessity, I’m only bowing to the fact that you might think differently to me, and not think that a dress might be better.)  If you work in a very informal environment you could wear jeans, otherwise something a little more formal, beige, navy or black trousers. or pink or red, don’t mind, what’s important is….

9. Cotton shirt, in a colour to match the trousers, but please let’s try and stay with spring colours which I think does mean no blanket black.

10. Jackets/coat/cape ie something for when it’s raining/very cold/you’re going to work first thing in the morning and there is frost on the ground and it’s late April.


There you go, this list is not exhaustive but interchangeable, but with this combination of clothes you could manage for a week at work, stay warm/cool and dry. I’ve allowed 3 items for shoes, you could reduce that to 2 items and add another dress or a skirt.  I’d do all dresses, but I’ll give you a little free hand on that..


What do you think?  Please let me know.


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