An Introduction to Working Frocks and to the Working Frocks Blog

Confidence: The Ethos of Working Frocks

What shall I wear today? Getting dressed for the day can be as daunting as it can be a pleasure.  Sarah Banks, Working Frocks’ founder, understands the balance between appearance, confidence and comfort and has brought them together in Working Frocks.

Working Frocks are a collection of dresses specifically designed for you to look as good as possible while you are working

Sarah’s daywear collections are a progression of her many years spent making one-off couture dresses and suits and a desire to bring her work to a wider audience.

“Getting dressed is about confidence and freedom”, says Sarah, “and my dresses will give you both”.



Working Frocks Blog: Sarah talks about starting the blog…

“Initially I started writing the blog as a follow on from the conversations I had with my personal couture clients: specific themes recurred through all of the conversations with my clients.  I realised that these themes are universal and that there is a huge benefit in sharing them.


“One of my clients said to me, ‘it’s amazing the transformation that takes places when we spend a little time and money on ourselves’ and the penny dropped.  We need to know how  to make that transformation, it’s not always blindingly obvious.  What I was doing with my clients was showing them the way, giving them directions to where they wanted to go.  A bride wants to look modern and elegant, like herself, but her best self.  I help her get there.  A mother of the bride wants to look chic and stylish, not upstage her daughter and not look like mutton dressed as lamb.  I can help her do that too.  Because it is so easy for me to see the way to get to that transformation I thought everyone knew how.  I didn’t realise it was a talent.  Until that day, that day when my client said how amazing the transformation was.

As our lives progress and we assume more responsibility: at work; at home; in our interests and passions, we have less and less time to spend on ourselves. When I started making daywear I heard the same story but in a different way.  Women want to see a transformation happen, they want to look great every day, to bring their best selves to each day, but they need help getting there.  They don’t have the time to spend thinking about their clothes all day, so I do it for them.

Developing Good Habits – An Organised Wardrobe

“The aim of the blog is two-fold: firstly to help you achieve an organised wardrobe that works for you and stops tyrannising you; For some women this will be a complete transformation, for others it will be an opportunity to get back in touch with who she really is and dress out of her identity, not out of necessity or lack of time.  When you are getting dressed into what is readily available, whether you like it or not, or what is clean, or what you can fit into then you are subject to wardrobe tyranny.  Most likely you will only be wearing 20% of the clothes in your wardrobe and each time you put on clothes that don’t fit you or you don’t particularly like you are also subject to the negative emotions associated with them.

My blog will help you sort your wardrobe out.  Addressing all aspects of organisation, you will change from being tryannised to being totally in control.  I will show you how to organise what you have, get rid of what you don’t need and plan for the future.  “I have nothing to wear” will become a cry from the past.  You will always have the right outfit to wear and, one of my favourite sayings, you will be able to ‘wear what you love and love what you wear’.

Dressing well is about Organisation not Emotion

Secondly the aim of this blog is to help you understand your own value and raise your self esteem and confidence.   When you are organised in what you wear, getting dressed becomes about management and planning rather than emotion.  Learning this is a big step towards having control over your personal style and the clothes in your wardrobe.  It enables you to turn up each day looking and feeling amazing.

“The blog will address problems we all face: how to turn up for work each day looking and feeling amazing; how to become stylish, confident women without spending all day reading fashion magazines or shopping; how to ‘wear what you love and love what you wear’; how to be more organised in what you wear and free you up to get on with your day.

Style and Organisation

You may fear that you were last in the queue when style was handed out.  However style can be taught, it is an organisational skill, not an emotional one, and I will show you how.

Reading the Blog

“Getting dressed each day should be a joy not a drain.  My aim is to give women the tools they need to wear what they love and love what they wear.

As you read the blog over the coming months you will gradually see a change happen as you allow this transformation to take place.  The combination of knowing your value and taking control of your wardrobe will help this transformational process.

I post once a week, but am always available for comments either here or at the facebook page: www.facebook.com/workingfrocks.


About Sarah

Sarah’s independent streak manifests itself both personally and professionally. Never one to be told what to do or what to wear or how to conform Sarah thinks independently about how women want to dress.  “I’m not particularly affected by fashion in how I think”, says Sarah, “I’m more interested in what would be great to wear and how women can look beautiful and mature and confident without having to subscribe to a particular code of dress”.

Herself a mother to two children, Sarah’s vision is practical.  “I am in and out of the car, the house and the supermarket all day!”  If I’m not unloading the car, I’m reloading it, and if I’m not working, I’m in the kitchen.  My life is diary driven and I long for unscripted time, I know what it’s like to pack it all in. However, as Oscar Wilde said, “We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” and just because we have a full on, manic day, doesn’t mean that we can’t look amazing while we are doing it.  And it’s easier than you think.  Let me show you how….”


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