Month: August 2016

Bra Straps

Is it just me, or are visible bra straps rather, eugh?  There are many pretty tops being worn which look less than their best when viewed from behind, where 2 thick straps rise vertically along the shoulder blade, neither enhancing nor coordinating with the outfit being worn. Don’t do it ladies. Either: Make sure your underwear […]

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Summer Sales – Good Investments – 4 items to buy in the Sales

I look out of the window at the rain and the grey sky, about to recommend that you search out: a good swimsuit; a summer hat; a pair of amazing shoes; and sunglasses, in the tail end of the sales period, all the while rejoicing in the unpredictability of the British weather, predictable in its […]

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“I made a thousand cups….”….I’ve been reading the FT

I’ve just been reading an article about Cesa Milton in the FT, which you can find at and then search via the First Person Column and it will appear. She had been “drifting along, doing secretarial jobs and bringing up children while all the time I was thinking, “I wish I could paint but I can’t.” […]

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