Month: July 2012

The Weekend Cometh…The Silly Season approacheth…

Friday I am going out for lunch, part business, more pleasure.  This weekend I am working on Saturday, out on Saturday night.  Next week the children break up and I am taking us on a week’s part teaching, more fun, holiday.  The children will go to their age groups and I will go to talks […]

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To name or not to name

Working Frocks has decided to name its dresses.  A difficult decision, and how much does naming a dress matter?  We all know Christian Dior’s new look dress.  But how many of us know that it was called Bar? Working Frocks did a bit of investigation work to find out if Liz Hurley’s black Versace dress […]

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Anyone for tennis?

The major sporting season is underway and women all over the country are faced with the same dilemma: How can I take time off work and go to Henley/Wimbledon/Glorious Goodwood/the Olympics.  And then: What shall I wear?  Take a tip from the Ladies at Wimbledon and make sure you are well dressed for any and […]

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